Customer service call center: an indispensable tool for a successful omnichannel experience


The development of new technologies continues to transform customer relations over the years. While the phone seemed to be the preferred tool to contact the customer services of companies, today we talk about chatbots, social networks and text campaigns. So how do you unify your call center services for optimal customer satisfaction? We present here the essential qualities of your customer service call center to meet the varied expectations of your connected customers.

Business development in the digital era

Today, it is essential for a company to develop its digital tools. In fact, the expectations and habits of customers have evolved and your customer service must take this into account to adapt itself. From a smartphone or a tablet, it is now possible to simply ask a question to a consultant in a few clicks. A brief exchange that nevertheless contributes to the growth of the company with the commercial stake of customer satisfaction.

The multi-connectivity of customers requires companies to offer the same quality of service, regardless of the channel used. But if the stakes are high, it also gives the opportunity to stand out from the competition with a seamless and dynamic customer service, a guarantee of reliability and professionalism. The installation of an efficient customer service software is therefore an essential step to guarantee a successful omnichannel experience to your customers and prospects.

Features that adapt to different customer profiles

Your customer service call center allows you to have optimal visibility on all the channels used. You can take advantage of an automation feature for your telephone, email, text message and social network campaigns. A fluid communication that you customize according to the needs of your business and the expectations of your customers for an ideal relationship.

The various features of the customer service call center also allow you to combine telephony with information technology with a powerful CTI program, to create a personalized IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu, but also to automatically distribute your customers' contact requests to the most competent employees according to the situation, thanks to an ACD (Automatic Call Distribution).

Regardless of the channel used, you benefit from powerful and adapted tools to ensure a fast and personalized service to your customers.

Simplified organization of your team

If the working environment of your employees is improved with a customer service call center, the management of your agents is also simplified. Indeed, this type of solution provides you with precise reports and statistics about your activity. Real-time data that allows you to easily modify the configuration of the features, or to better organize your team.

By creating groups of employees based on skills, you can further optimize the automation of your customer service call center. Whether it's a prospect or a customer, a bill payment or an order follow-up, your customers can easily contact you via the different channels at their disposal. Their requests are then directly directed to a qualified contact who handles their requests. An appreciated efficiency that favors customer loyalty in the long term and contributes, consequently, to the development of your company in the digital era.